How to delete tinder account

Tinder is a dating application for the iOS devices, made famous for the ease with which it can match you with other singles in your area. However, as fun as this app is, you may no longer have a use for it. Luckily, deleting your Tinder account is even easier than it was to activate, and you can do it right from the app.You can delete your account at any time from within the app - Go to settings, then scroll all the way down and tap "Tinder Delete account" - However, it seems that your account never really gets deleted and your profile remains active (at least for some time).

Tinder uygulamasını açarak "Ayarlar" kısmınına giriş yapıyoruz. Daha sonra ayarlar kısmından tinder hesap silme kısmına tıklayarak hesabımızı silebilirsiniz.Facebook safanızdaki Ayarlar menüsünden  "Uygulamalar" seçeneğine girerek, tinder uygulamasınının tüm izinlerini kaldırmalısınız.Hesabınız bir süre sonra silinecektir.

Log into your Facebook account from your personal computer. Tinder connects through your Facebook profile, so it gains permission to basic Facebook account information and interaction.
When a person conducts a graph search on Facebook, they can view the apps you use on your Facebook account.Tinder is often seen as a “hookup” app, and you may not want it to be listed where potential employers or family members can see.

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